Best Fine-Tip Permanent Markers for Artists –

A fine-tip permanent marker is a staple item for any home, office, or classroom, whether for labeling, doodling, or taking notes. It is most commonly available in two sizes: the standard fine tip (1.0 millimeter) and the ultrafine tip (0.2 to 0.4 millimeter). The standard fine tip will give you a mark that is legible and easy to control and stands out from the page. The ultrafine tip works well for journaling, detailed drawing, or any situation where you want a line similar to that of a standard ballpoint pen. In either case, you should expect ink that won’t smear, fade, or wash away and a product that can write on a variety of surfaces. Whatever your permanent-marking needs, see below for our picks of the most versatile and long-lasting options.

1. Sharpie Twin Tip Permanent Markers

Sharpie is one of the most recognized names in permanent markers, and its high-quality product provides bold, sharp lines that are water, smudge, and fade resistant. This Twin Tip permanent marker four-pack gives you the best of two worlds: Each marker has a fine tip at one end and an ultra-fine tip at the other. With the ability to write on almost any surface, these markers have all you need in a single tool.

Sharpie Twin Tip Permanent Markers


2. Pilot Extra Fine Point Permanent Markers

Known for its high-quality writing tools, Pilot does not disappoint with its extrafine-point marker. This pack of 12 will give you a smooth, strong line with ink that doesn’t pool like some similar brands. The ink is dark and UV resistant, so you can be confident that your lines won’t fade away, though you may see some bleed-through on the underside of a thin sheet of paper. This vivid marker writes smoothly on even the most difficult surfaces, including glass. Choose from black, blue, red, or green ink.

Pilot Extra Fine Point Permanent Markers


3. Arteza Permanent Markers

Arteza’s jumbo pack of 80 fine-tip markers contains 61 assorted colors and three different tips (fine, broad, and brush ), making it an excellent choice for anyone needing a variety of colors and line styles. These quick-drying, smear-proof, waterproof markers are nontoxic, which means they are safe to use around children. Suitable for use on a wide variety of surfaces, this versatile set of markers fits the bill for all your creative and organizational projects.

Arteza Permanent Markers


4. Amazon Basics Fine Point Permanent Markers

These Amazon Basics markers are another excellent choice. This 24-pack of pens will give you an intense black mark from a durable fine tip. They may not provide the same crisp line that a more expensive brand will, but they are a suitable pick for everyday labeling and marking needs.

Amazon Basics Fine Point Permanent Markers


5. Sharpie Permanent Markers Variety Pack

If you’re looking for versatility, opt for this variety pack from Sharpie. It contains two each of its ultra-fine point (0.3 millimeter), fine point (1 millimeter), and chisel-tip markers in black ink. The felt tip is tough, holding its shape despite pressure. The chisel-tip marker reaches a sharp point, so it can be used to draw a fine line or turned to create a broad, bold stroke—giving you even more options. Like the Sharpie set above, these dry comparatively quickly, thus preventing smudges.

Sharpie Permanent Markers Variety Pack


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