How to Make a Cozy Fall Cat

There’s nothing cozier than a cuddly cat and a warm scarf and nothing cuter than these colorful cozy fall cats. Your cat could hold a pumpkin or even a cup of cocoa or a heart. Depending on the time of year, you can adjust the seasonal object to make this art project perfect year round. … Read more

How to Help Students Curate Exhibitions to Promote Ownership and Lessen the Load

Home / How to Help Students Curate Exhibitions to Promote Ownership and Lessen the Load “Does this ever get easier?” a seasoned art teacher asked me recently. She was telling me about the final art exhibition last school year. As a new teacher at her school, she was in a tizzy until the opening hour. … Read more

3 Environmental Art Lessons to Get Your Students Thinking Green

Going green is more than just color these days. It is a lifestyle! Today, recycling, eating organic, and starting a compost pile are as trendy as the next dance on TikTok. While these are fads that have the potential to even out our carbon footprint, you may be wondering how to incorporate some environmental thinking … Read more

3 Inspiring Strategies for the IB Visual Arts Comparative Study

Have you ever wondered how much time people spend looking at art? The answer might shock you. Findings from a 2016 study claim people spend a mere 28.63 seconds on average. However, if your students are enrolled in IB Visual Arts, they will develop a more profound understanding of art. Your students can easily move … Read more

How to Teach Texture | Kitten’s First Full Moon | Elements and Principles of Design

If you’re looking for an easy approach to teaching kids art, there’s no better system than using the elements and principles of art. What is texture and why is it important? Texture is the surface quality that can be seen or felt. It is an element of art that brings excitement for students because it … Read more

No Printing Press, No Problem: How to Build a Bottle Jack Press

Since its inception, printmaking has revolutionized the world as we know it. It gave writers, publishers, and artists the advantage of making copies. In turn, it exposed more people to their work faster. Some of the earliest printing methods were used in China around the 9th century, which involved using hand-carved blocks. In the 15th … Read more

50 SEL Sketchbook Prompts to Help Start Your Day

Are you looking for an engaging and meaningful way to begin art class? Would you like to make sketchbooks a more intentional activity? Use social-emotional learning (SEL) sketchbook prompts to connect with students and how they are feeling. Teaching upwards of one hundred students daily can make it hard to connect emotionally with each student. … Read more