How Reconsidering Your Circles of Influence and Rest Helps You Be a Better Art Teacher

Home / How Reconsidering Your Circles of Influence and Rest Helps You Be a Better Art Teacher It’s starting to look like that time of year again—dwindling art supplies, paint-stained tables, teacher evaluations, and preparations for the end-of-the-year art show. We may start feeling the pressure to extend ourselves beyond our limits to meet deadlines, … Read more

How to Easily Break Down AP Art and Design Portfolios

In 2019, College Board revamped the structure and assessment of the Advanced Placement Art and Design Portfolios (previously known as AP Studio Art). This threw many teachers for a loop. After spending years perfecting pacing schedules and lesson plans, teachers weren’t exactly sure where to start. Whether you are new to AP or a veteran … Read more

4 Fun Ideas to Unprogram in the Art Room to Alleviate Student Stress

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a long-term project, grinding towards weekly goals, wishing for the weekend, so you can take a break from it? Have you noticed when undesirable student behaviors start to gradually increase, the task they are working on doesn’t support their goal, or the quality of their work … Read more

History Runs Deep: How to Celebrate Artivism and Craftivism

We are probably all familiar with Picasso’s Guernica, which spoke to the horrors of war, or The Guerrilla Girls, whose actions shed light on gender inequalities in the art world. We probably would coin them as known as well as artists since their art is a call for social change. But have you heard of … Read more

Cassie Stephens: Kindergarten Rainbows and Self-Portraits!

Hello, friends! My kindergarten is wrapping up a self-portrait lesson and it’s one that I’ve never done before with them. I’m super happy with the result and I wanted to share with y’all. Mostly I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks and things I learned in hopes that it may help you, … Read more