Do you have a Weebly website?

This post is for owners of a Weebly website. It’s a bit techie – but not as techie as it should be! What follows covers the background to the transition from a Weebly Account to a Square Account – by 6th October 2022 problems encountered en route the appalling transition documentation TIP when you create … Read more

The Artist formerly known as Prince

There have been a few posts on social media using this quip. However it’s worth remembering that King Charles III is an artist who is a keen painter in watercolors and who exhibits his paintings on a regular basis. He is also a Patron of drawing, traditional art and crafts in different locations both in … Read more

MAKING A MARK: Ken Howard (1932

The death yesterday of Ken Howard OBE RA PPNEAC ROI RBSA RWA HonRBA has been announced. He celebrated his 22nd wedding anniversary on Friday with his partner Dora Bertolutti in Mousehole in Cornwall. Sadly his life ended at Truro Hospital on Sunday 10th September 2022, age 89, following a very bad fall at his home … Read more

Review: 161st Annual Exhibition of the Society of Women Artists (Part 1: Prizewinners)

Here’s a summary of the highlights of my review – which I apologise for truncating and posting late due to the events of this afternoon. Part 1: a packed Private View A good range of prizes – won by SWA members and open artists Part 2: 469 artworks on display – with a high standard … Read more

September 2022 Opportunities: Open Calls, Residencies, and Grants for Artists

Opportunities September 2, 2022 Colossal Tomás Sánchez, “A la orilla” (1996), acrylic on linen Every month, Colossal shares a selection of opportunities for artists and designers, including open calls, grants, fellowships, and residencies. If you’d like to list an opportunity here, please get in touch at [email protected]. You can also join our monthly Opportunities Newsletter. … Read more

Photographer Stéphan Gladieu Documents the Congolese Street Children Turning Waste into Wonder

Photography #costumes #masks #plastic #Stéphan Gladieu September 2, 2022 Gabrielle Lawrence All images © Stéphan Gladieu, shared with permission So dramatic, so strong, so visual,” artist Stephen Gladieu said of his first encounter with the revival of an ancestral folk art movement in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. Kinshasa is the capital of Congo but … Read more