Looking Back at Vivian Browne’s Shift to Abstraction 

The eight paintings and five works on paper that comprise Vivian Browne: Africa Series 1971-1974Browne’s second solo show at RYAN LEE Gallery, were prompted by the artist’s first trip to West Africa in 1971. At the time of her visit, the Florida-born, New York-based figurative painter and printmaker, then in her 40s, was at the … Read more

Remembering Japanese American Incarceration Through Abstraction

On February 19, the United States observed the 80th anniversary of Executive Order 9066, the catastrophic decree that led to the eviction and incarceration of 120,000 Japanese Americans. The White House issued a presidential proclamation to mark the occasion, reaffirming its apology to those affected. “I have always believed that great nations do not ignore … Read more

Controversial Design, Hazy Renewal of Abstraction – ARTnews.com

The most significant aspect of this year’s Whitney Biennial is its exhibition design. For the first time since 2016, the museum’s fifth floor has been restored to its Renzo Piano-designed primordial state, forgoing walls in favor of a field of fragmented, Tetris-like half-walls arranged in no discernible order or pattern, bookended by city and Hudson … Read more

“Slip Zone” Highlights Global Connections in Postwar Abstraction – ARTnews.com

In the exhibition “Slip Zone: A New Look at Postwar Abstraction in the Americas and East Asia” at the Dallas Museum of Art, Jackson Pollock’s 1947 painting Cathedral hangs near a photograph documenting Gutai artist Kazuo Shiraga painting with his feet at the “2nd Gutai Art Exhibition” in Tokyo in October 1956. Standing shirtless with … Read more

Abstraction From a Different Origin

Eamon Ore-Giron, “Infinite Regress CXLIX” (2021), mineral paint and flashe on linen, 108 x 90 inches (image courtesy Charles White / JWPictures.com) DENVER — From wall texts to articles, every introduction of artist Eamon Ore-Giron highlights his father’s familial ties to Peru as well as his mother’s roots in Arizona. The notion that he is … Read more

Betsy Kaufman Puts Pressure on Geometric Abstraction

Describing Betsy Kaufman’s paintings and drawings, the art critic John Yau wrote in 2016 that “alignment and slippage (or non-alignment) are constantly at play.” Yau’s aperçu touched on Kaufman’s reprise of geometric abstraction, a genre that has often seemed exhausted, but which Kaufman reanimated with gusto. Her zest for color and pressing the grid, in … Read more

“Living Abstraction” Reunites Sophie Taeuber-Arp’s Art and Design Work – ARTnews.com

In 1916, Sophie Taeuber-Arp began living an artistic double life: by day, she taught textile design and embroidery at the Zurich Trade School, and by night, she took part in Dada antics at the Cabaret Voltaire as a member of the city’s radical avant-garde. Yet her resulting oeuvre—comprehensively surveyed in the Museum of Modern Art … Read more

The Figural Ghosts of Oliver Lee Jackson’s Expressive Abstraction

Two silver birds above a thick pink sunset, a quiet smile from a lone cloud, a woman’s eyelids, a glimpse of a sleeping boy’s foot, two hands interlocked on a walk through a vertiginous meadow, a saffron skyline exploding on the wall. To experience the work of artist Oliver Lee Jackson, born in 1935, is … Read more

Painter of Hard-Edge Abstraction Dies – ARTnews.com

Carmen Herrera, a Cuban American artist whose trailblazing hard-edge abstractions received mainstream recognition in the later years of her life, died on Saturday in her New York City apartment at 106. The news was confirmed by Lisson Gallery, which has represented her for a decade. “Carmen made works that are alive and in constant flux, … Read more