5 Visionary Surrealism Games for Art Students of Any Age

René Magritte, Méret Oppenheim, Salvador Dalí, and Max Ernst. You have probably stumbled across a few of these famous Surrealist names before. These visual artists were part of a cultural movement developed in Europe after the devastation of World War I in 1924. Writers, actors, filmmakers, photographers, collage artists, and painters built upon the preceding … Read more

Five Tips for Modifying a Project for Different Age Groups

Despite students absolutely loving functional art, it’s not surprising to learn that it doesn’t always make it into the yearly project lineup. Not only can it be messy and require many materials and steps, it often requires some specific skill sets that may extend beyond students’ and even teachers’ immediate capabilities simply because they aren’t … Read more

Iron Age Rock Art Found Under Turkish Home

An Assyrianised rock wall panel with figures found in Basb̧ük in southeastern Turkey (all images courtesy Antiquity Publications) Usually the most interesting thing one might find in their basement is canned goods way past their expiration date, or a definitely haunted doll, but a peculiar discovery in the Turkish village of Başbük uncovered a subterranean … Read more

Iron Age Rock Art Discovered Beneath Turkish House – ARTnews.com

Archaeologists have discovered rare rock art in an Iron Age subterranean complex, located underneath a house in Başbük, Turkey. The finding, reported Wednesday in the journal Antiquitydepicts a divine processional with eight deities across a 13-foot rock wall panel using a mix of cultural influences from the vast Assyrian Empire and local Syro-Anatolian deities. The … Read more

The Age of Immersion

Larry Bell (b. 1939) doesn’t know exactly what his new show at Hauser and Wirth, London, will look like yet. “It really has to do with the architecture of the space, and the color relationships suggested by the structures,” he states, over a crackling phone-line from his home in the New Mexico mountains. In other … Read more