Singapore’s Art Market Heats Up as an Alternative to Hong Kong –

One fifth the size of Rhode Island, Singapore is an island city-state, off the peninsula of Malaysia, in the middle of Southeast Asia, that wields immense power in the global financial and trade industries, like its traditional rival Hong Kong in the north . Also like Hong Kong, Singapore’s government has been harboring larger-than-life ambitions … Read more

Aesthetica Magazine – Alternative Narratives of Empowerment

In 1998, Frances Borzello published the “first in-depth presentation” of self-portraits by women. Seeing Ourselves was lauded for its depth and variety, from the Renaissance portraits of Sofonisba Anguissola (c. 1532-1625) through to the so-called “abandon” of taboo in the 19th century by the likes Alice Neel, who completed a series of nude portraits at … Read more

I Will Be A Witness: Bessie Harvey and Alternative Legacies in American Feminist Art

All artwork photographs shared with the permission of Bessie Harvey’s children. Bessie Harvey was a 20th-century sculptor working with found materials to create multi-media assemblages. The complexity of her portfolio offers a challenge to the preconceived notions of what a vernacular artist from the Black American South is, as she confronted prevailing art culture and … Read more

Gala Porras-Kim Proposes Alternative Approaches to Museum Conservation –

In Precipitation for an Arid Landscape (2021), recently on view at the Amant Foundation in Brooklyn, Los Angeles-based artist Gala Porras-Kim proposes an alternative practice of care for cultural artifacts. The project revisits the dredging of a sacred Mayan sinkhole in the Yucatán peninsula of Mexico, the Chichén Itzá cenote, believed to be a portal … Read more