Interference Archive’s Democratic Approach to Preservation

Since 2011, Interference Archive has been an indispensable resource for experiencing politically engaged art and literature in New York City. Located on a quiet street in Park Slope, Brooklyn, the library and exhibition space is home to troves of print media from social movements around the world. Its collection is so popular that other galleries … Read more

3 Areas to Revamp and Reassess Your Classroom Management Approach

Starting a new school year gives you a chance to reflect on your classroom management practices and think about revisions. You have an opportunity to consider what worked and what didn’t in years past and make adjustments moving ahead. We learned a lot of lessons from the pandemic. Take into consideration best practices prior to … Read more

A Painter Takes a Collaborative Approach to the Portrait

LONDON — The relationship between portraitist and sitter is complex. Myriad interwoven power dynamics come into play, dependent on socioeconomic factors such as wealth, gender, class, and race. It is perhaps temptingly reductive to dismiss every artist-sitter relationship as hierarchical and exploitative — undoubtedly, there is a clear thread of such images woven through European … Read more