10 Trusted Rules to Promote Artistic Growth in Your Classroom

Have you ever heard the saying, “You can’t think outside of the box unless you have a box?” Attributed to Michael Bahr, the concept is that we need structures to open up avenues for creative thinking and making. Corita Kent (1918–1986) knew all about this. A nun, printmaker, activist, teacher, and designer, Kent dedicated her … Read more

Shedding Light on Homelessness Through Artistic Ingenuity

The Financial District of Manhattan is ridden with banners declaring New York City the “Real Estate Capital of the World.” You can find them hanging from lampposts on Wall Street, in front of tenement buildings, and even around City Hall and the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) building. The longstanding relationship between city officials, commercial … Read more

10 Creative and Fun Ideas to Fuel Your Artistic Soul

This school year has been more challenging than ever. We have seen how, despite the challenges, art teachers continue to put in the hard work and dedication to help young artists grow. We appreciate YOU! In January, we hosted the Art Teacher Appreciation Giveaway to show our appreciation and encourage you to keep creating. We … Read more

Fragmentation as a Queer Artistic Strategy

The history of art is littered with bodily fragmentation, from Romantic depictions of broken statues and severed limbs to the atomized and cropped figures of Impressionist painting to Cubism’s shattered portraits. As Linda Nochlin noted in her 1994 survey on the topic, The Body in Pieces, the fragmentation of the human form in art has … Read more

Rashaad Newsome’s Riveting Artistic Universe Continues to Expand

The spirit of Rashaad Newsome’s visually impressive Assembly installation at the Park Avenue Armory is liberatory. He creates a welcoming entrance space filled with large video projections and audio affirmations that repeat positive messages that are somewhat reminiscent of house music lyrics and their emancipatory promise of love, particularly self-love. Newsome’s maximalist aesthetic is ideally … Read more