Dealer Georges Lofti Wanted for Selling ‘Hundreds’ Looted Artworks –

Georges Lofti, an 81-year-old Lebanese art dealer and longtime source of information to authorities worldwide pursuing antiquities traffickers, is now the subject of an art smuggling investigation, according to court papers filed last week. A criminal court in New York issued a warrant for Lofti’s arrest on August 3, charging him with criminal possession of … Read more

Issey Miyake, Fashion Designer with Art-World Following, Dies at 84 –

Issey Miyake, a Japanese fashion designer whose avant-garde clothes and exhibitions garnered significant attention within the international art world, has died at 84. His design studio said he had been battling liver cancer. Miyake’s experimental designs gained a large art-world following because, to many, they felt and looked similar to what is widely seen in … Read more

Pompeii Archaeologists Have Excavated 2000-Year-Old Middle Class Home –

Pompeii’s archaeological park announced Saturday that he had uncovered several furnished rooms and household objects in a middle-class home in the city, it said in a press release. The discovery, according to the archaeologists, sheds considerable light on the lives of middle-class citizens in Pompeii. The team began excavating rooms in the House of the … Read more

Gormley’s Turing Memorial Heads to King’s College—and More Art News –

To receive Morning Links in your inbox every weekday, sign up for our Breakfast with ARTnews newsletter. The Headlines INSIDE JOB? Officials in New York have obtained an arrest warrant for antiquities collector Georges Lotfi on charges of possession of stolen property, the New York Times reports. They have seized two dozen items from Lofti’s … Read more

U.S. Returns Artifacts ‘Ripped from’ Cambodia by Douglas Latchford –

The US has sent back to Cambodia 30 artifacts that were allegedly stolen by Douglas Latchford, a late antiquities dealer who has been accused of leading a network that trafficked in objects that were looted from the country. Among the objects that were officially returned to Cambodia this week was a 10th-century sculpture of the … Read more

Tate Reaches Settlement with Artists Over Discrimination Allegations –

The Tate in London has reached a settlement agreement involving three artists who sue the British museum for breach of contract and discrimination earlier this year. The resolution, which was first reported by the Guardian This week, will see a six-figure sum paid out to the artists. The settlement follows claims that the institution had … Read more

Supporters Celebrate Ballroom Marfa’s First Benefit in Four Years –

For the first time since 2018, Ballroom Marfa, the 19-year-old kunsthalle in far-west Texas, brought together supporters for a summer benefit on Saturday in Bridgehampton, New York. Hosted on co-founder Virginia Lebermann’s estate, the fête began with guests taking a golf cart past a potato field and down a long, winding driveway to a charming … Read more

Memphis Brooks Hires Zoe Kahr as Director—and More Art News –

To receive Morning Links in your inbox every weekday, sign up for our Breakfast with ARTnews newsletter. The Headlines THE MUSEUM-LEADERSHIP NEWS DOES NOT QUIT. Last week, the Met said its director, Max Hollein, will add chief executive to his title. Now, the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art has named its next director, the Commercial … Read more

Best Pencil Sharpeners for Drawing and Writing Tools –

As age-old art accessories go, pencil sharpeners are a must. Sure, you can use a knife to create that perfect point, but why not just stick that dull writing implement in a snugly housed blade that will do the same—with much less effort? Some may like an easy and quick motorized option, while others might … Read more

Why Olivier Masmonteil Trains Emerging Artists in His Paris Studio –

In a lineage that includes the likes of Tintoretto, Titian, and Rubens, artists have long maintained large studios, in which assistants—previously called apprentices and students—helped execute these famed Old Masters’ major commissions in order to keep up with demand. With a team of nearly 10 people, Paris-based artist Olivier Masmonteil is following that example, as … Read more