Metrograph Cancels Pro-Union Documentary Event, Drawing Backlash

On the evening of Friday, April 29, filmmakers Deborah Shaffer and Stewart Bird arrived at Metrograph on Ludlow Street to provide an introduction to their 1979 documentary The Wobblies, to be followed by a Q&A session. Shortly before the event, they were informed that the Q&A would no longer proceed as planned. They were not … Read more

After Backlash, SVA Galleries Withdraws From Show Accused of “Exploiting Ukrainian Pain”

After facing criticism, SVA Galleries, a trio of Manhattan art galleries that belongs to the School of Visual Arts (SVA), has withdrawn from an exhibition that claimed to be in solidarity with Ukrainians. The show addressed the plight of Russian artists facing persecution and banned images of the war, which some viewed as co-opting the … Read more

The Backlash Against Oil Sponsorship Can Push for Broader Change in Museums

Documents published last week by Culture Unstained show the British Museum is exploring extending its extremely unpopular partnership with BP. It seems that a decade of protest, and the example of several other museums cutting ties with the company, hasn’t changed anything — the museum is still performing gratitude to the oil giant for its … Read more