An Artist’s Miniature Monuments to Big Memories

As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and no one embodies this sentiment more acutely than sculptor and filmmaker Lydia Ricci. From a pile of scraps and everyday detritus accumulated over the last 30 years, Ricci makes imperfectly perfect replicas of quotidian moments and objects. “I have been collecting my family’s … Read more

New HBO Series Offers People the Chance to Rehearse Big Life Changes

At what point does a fake thing become real? Nathan Fielder reprises his career-long lampooning of this weighty philosophical inquiry with his new HBO series The Rehearsal, which finds the comedian/documentarian staging elaborate simulations of future situations to help ordinary folks prepare for life. (Or in some instances, recreating the immediate past for the sake … Read more

Lausanne Makes a Big Bid to Become a Swiss Art Destination –

Please don’t mind the gap between Lausanne’s nine-platform train station and Plateforme 10, the city’s brand-new museum district, where three local institutions recently merged to become one. Billed as one of the few museum districts in Europe, this cultural campus takes up 270,000 square feet (the equivalent of 5 football fields) of a former train … Read more

Best Oil Paint Brushes for Big Strokes and Fine Details –

Painters need not only excellent paints in a variety of hues, they also need a full selection of brushes to create a variety of paint strokes and surfaces. And all painters have their favorite paintbrush—their go-to brush that’s used in every painting, the brush that ushers them into their creative painting zone. One brush, however, … Read more

Big Artifact Find at the Egyptian Saqqara Necropolis—and More Art News –

To receive Morning Links in your inbox every weekday, sign up for our Breakfast with ARTnews newsletter. The Headlines THE PAST IS NEVER DEAD. Egyptian officials said that archaeologists have made big finds at Saqqara, a necropolis near Cairo, the Washington Post reports. Among the items they have unearthed, which are believed to be some … Read more

4 Big Cost-Saving Considerations to Make Your Art Budget Work Smarter

Are you ready to use up funds for this school year, or are you already strategizing your budget for next fall? Art teachers have to be extra crafty when spending our precious allotments (if we even have them!) since no art room ever suffered from too much funding. Over time, we have learned to become … Read more

Native-Inspired Haute Couture Fashion Prepares for a Big Year

SANTA FE, NM — In the fashion world, it’s “taboo” for a designer to share details about a collection that has yet to hit the runway. So when I spoke with fashion designer Patricia Michaels, or Water Lily (Taos Pueblo), she spoke carefully but excitedly about her design company PM Waterlily’s collection for this year’s … Read more