Questions Arise After Gallery Shows White Artist’s Photos of Black Suffering

A digital exhibition held last month by Winston Wächter Fine Art, a gallery with outposts in Manhattan and Seattle, resulted in accusations of White saviorism and exploitation of Black trauma for profit. The exhibition No More Blood Entailed a series of photographs by Meghan Boody, a White artist, depicting Black people in New Orleans who … Read more

White Artist Slammed Online for Copying the Work of a Black Photographer

Left: Still from Blue, directed by Dayday (screenshot Valentina Di Liscia/Hyperallergic via Vimeo); right: Gala Knörr, “Young Cowboy” (2022) (used with permission from the Guggenheim Museum) A painting currently on view at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao depicts a Black figure in a cowboy hat glancing over his shoulder against an abstract background of field … Read more

Black Cowboy Paintings at Guggenheim Bilbao Provoke Outcry –

Over the weekend, eagle-eyed TikTok and Instagram users noticed similarities between several paintings on view at the Guggenheim Bilbao and photographs taken by a queer Black artist, raising concerns of plagiarism. The paintings are by Basque artist Gala Knörr and depict various views of Black cowboy. They look like frames of a stop motion film. … Read more

Kathleen Collins’s Groundbreaking Portrait of Black Womanhood

“Nothing I do leads to ecstasy,” Sara (Seret Scott) exclaims to her handsome painter husband Victor (Bill Gunn) in a fit of frustration. “You stay in a trance, you haven’t noticed that? A kind of private, ecstatic trans. It’s like living with a musician who sits around all day blowing his horn.” We don’t see … Read more

A Look at the Country’s Only Touring Black Rodeo

Harold Williams Jr. (left) and Lindon Demery (right), junior rodeo champions at the 2018 BPIR from Gabriela Hasten’s The New Black West (Chronicle Books, 2022)(all images courtesy Chronicle Books) The Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo (BPIR) is the only touring African American rodeo in the United States. Named for the legendary cowboy and performer who overcame … Read more

Theaster Gates’ Black Chapel | Apollo Magazine

Photography seems unable to convey how big Theaster Gates’ Serpentine Pavilion commission really is. Designed in collaboration with Adjaye Associates and Aecom, the pavilion’s proportions make it seem like a low-lying, squat object, but it is just as lofty as the horse chestnut and lime trees that surround it. Approaching the pavilion from afar, feeling … Read more

As Hate Crimes Soar, Dozens Rally for Black, Asian, and Trans Solidarity in LA

LOS ANGELES — There was a calm, joyous atmosphere as organizers and located waited for the Black Asian Trans Solidarity Power Rally to begin. A skateboarder grinded on Pershing Square’s concrete benches. A booth gave away LGBTQ+ and transgender pride flags, binders, hygiene kits, and face masks. A DJ bobbed their head to “Is This … Read more

Notes on Beholding, Black World Making

Here I would like to share some behind-the-scenes reflections on my curatorial project Beholding, Black World Making. Thinking with scholar Christina Sharpe’s ruminations on Black people’s ability to behold each other as possible ways beyond anti-Blackness, possible ways to freedom, I envision this initiative as a constellation of exhibitions, installations, and programming centered on our … Read more

Libby Black Processes the World Around Her By Recreating It

Installation view of Libby Black, Returning to This Moment at Gallery 16, San Francisco (all images courtesy the artist and Gallery 16, San Francisco) SAN FRANCISCO — Libby Black’s show Returning to This Moment is really two exhibitions in one. On one side of Gallery 16’s generously proportioned exhibition space, all 106 of the drawings … Read more

The Best Set of Black Disposable Drawing Pens for Artists and Writers –

Once limited to dip pens and, by the 1960s, to beautiful but finicky refillable pens (like the Rapidograph) or cartridge pens (like the Staedtler Mars), artists, architects, and illustrators can now choose from a wide range of disposable drawing pens. Although these days most drafting is done on computers, drawing pens are more popular than … Read more