Using Her Mouth and Feet, Lorenza Böttner Created an Immense Body of Work

From the early days of her childhood in Chile, the transgender artist Lorenza Böttner* had an eye for beauty; she was particularly drawn to birds, fascinated by their lightness and freedom. One day, as the eight-year-old Lorenza was walking to school, she noticed feathers falling from a nest tucked in an electric pylon overhead. Wanting … Read more

Berenice Olmedo Pushes the Boundary of What We Consider to Be a Body –

Berenice Olmedo has always had a fascination with the marginalized body, human or otherwise. Whether she was producing sculptures based off of medical apparatuses for the disabled, or questioning the value of a stray dog’s life by making pelts and soap from found canine corpses. Olmedo’s latest show, “Hic et Nunc,” which opens this week … Read more

How David Cronenberg’s ‘Crimes of the Future’ Draws on Body Art –

Early on in Crimes of the Future, filmmaker David Cronenberg’s newly released big return to body horror, a man named Saul Tenser (Viggo Mortensen) has his chest opened up for a rapt audience. A machine with fast-moving scalpels pulls apart his stomach and reveals his innards to the crowd. Meanwhile, his partner Caprice (Léa Seydoux) … Read more

A Body Horror Tale With an Avian Twist

Tweendom — a category spawned in lurid pastels for lucrative marketing purposes — has only intensified since the aughts of Hannah Montana and Jojo Siwa. “Tween discourses focus especially on girls,” claimed children’s studies scholar Tyler Bickford in 2016, “for whom the boundary between childhood innocence and adolescent or adult independence is fraught with moral … Read more

Keisha Prioleau-Martin’s Body Euphoria

For Keisha Prioleau-Martin, the body is a bearer of joy and contemplation. In her miniature ceramic sculptures, the Queens-based artist captures moments of tender stillness. Dancers, workers, sunbathers, and dreamers coalesce in silent reverie, populating the studio space of ArtShack in Bed-Stuy. As an antidote to dysmorphia and dysphoria, Prioleau-Martin plays on themes of body … Read more

Freedom in Body and Water

Multimedia artist Sama Alshaibi consistently interrogates the female form as a nexus point for politics, histories, climate, and forced migrations. Her exhibition Four Series At Zane Bennett Gallery spans 15 years of artistic inquiry with a selection of photographs from four discrete bodies of work: Carry Over (2019), Silsila (2009-2017), Between Two Rivers (2008-2009, 2016), … Read more

How Artists Have Explored and Understood the Human Body Through Time

LOS ANGELES — Leonardo da Vinci once explained how important it was for the artists to understand anatomy. Some poorly drawn bodies, he wrote, “seem a sack full of nuts rather than the surface of a human being.” happy, Flesh and Bones: The Art of Anatomy At the Getty Research Institute has selected the more … Read more

The Medieval Body Balances the Heavenly and Corporeal

The third in a series of collaborative exhibitions between Luhring Augustine and Sam Fogg, The Medieval Body mediates on the interrelation between the heavenly and the corporeal. The exhibition includes sculptures, paintings, reliquaries, manuscripts, and adornments representing a thousand-year span of the Middle Ages (c. 540–1580 CE). From sculptural figuration to the literal worship of … Read more

500 Years of Drawing the Human Body

OG Abel (Abel Izaguirre), “Love & Hate” (August 19, 2012), graphite on paper in LA Liber Amicorum / Graffiti Black Book (Los Angeles, 2012), Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles. Gift of Ed and Brandy Sweeney. (© OG Abel, all images courtesy Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles unless otherwise stated) Before Andreas Vesalius published his landmark … Read more