A photograph is not a building

From the November 2021 issue of Apollo. Preview and subscribe here. Photography began as architectural photography. In the earliest days of the art, long exposure times meant that water smoothed into poured concrete, trees became smoky and skies turned featureless. Humans rarely lingered long enough in the frame to register – the first person captured … Read more

Elise Tensley on Curating and Building Camaraderie – ARTnews.com

Q&A with Elise Tensley, security officer at the Baltimore Museum of Art. What does your role as a security officer entail?I primarily guard the museum’s collection, making sure people don’t touch or risk the art. But I also kind of ensure that guests have a good experience, including giving them directions to what they’re looking … Read more

Brazilian Modernist Building Engulfed by Fire Receives Getty Preservation Grant

In April last year, a fire at the College City campus of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro set the second floor of a modernist building ablaze. That building, designed by Jorge Machado Moreira, housed the University of Architecture and Urbanism, whose Research and Documentation Center — or Núcleo de Pesquisa e Documentação (NPD) … Read more