Indigenous Groups in Canada Call on the Vatican to Return Their Cultural Belongings

The Anima Mundi Museum at the Vatican in Rome (via Wikimedia) First Nations and Indigenous leaders are calling for Indigenous works held at the Vatican to be repatriated ahead of Pope Francis’s July 24 trip to Canada. Many of the tens of thousands of objects arrived in Rome for the Church’s vast 1925 Pontifical Missionary … Read more

New Generation of Land Artists Embodies a Call for Action 

Steven Yazzie, “Yuméweuš” (2022), hydroponics tower, plants, sand, video (photo Lynn Trimble/Hyperallergic) TEMPE, AZ — A monumental hydroponics tower by interdisciplinary artist Steven Yazzie (Diné/Laguna Pueblo) glows with a bright white light inside a gallery space at Arizona State University (ASU) Art Museum, where its spiral form echoes Robert Smithson’s renowned “Spiral Jetty .” It’s … Read more

MOZAIK Philanthropy Announces Open Call for Digital Art

Posted inSponsored All US-based artists, including those who work with NFTs, are welcome to submit to the 2022 Future Art Awards. 25 winners will each receive between $2,500 and $5,000. Artist: Erinn Sullivan (© 2022 MOZAIK Philanthropy) MOZAIK Philanthropy’s 4th Annual Future Art Awards: The Digital Awakening It is an arts-based exploration and interrogation of … Read more

Crafting a Future Is a Clarion Call to Support Indigenous Arts

Indian fabrics have been an enduring thread running through the tapestry of world history since ancient times. From Alexander the Great’s soldiers, who fell in love with Indian cotton clothing, to the significance of cotton and indigo to Roman trade routes throughout the Mediterranean, textiles have served as a timeless ambassador for India’s rich and … Read more