A Photographer Captures the Magic of Venice’s Churches

With its labyrinthine alleyways and plazas that magically unfold at the turn of a corner, Venice has captured the imagination of artists and romantics throughout the centuries. It is perhaps one of the most photographed, painted, and written about cities in the world — which makes pursuing an artistic project in Venice quite the tall … Read more

Fire of Love Captures a Literally Volcanic Romance

French scientists Katia and Maurice Krafft had a love story so perfect for the movies that it’s hard to believe it’s taken this long for one to get made about them. Gratifyingly, instead of some chintzy Hollywood treatment, we’re getting a documentary told in large part through footage taken by the pair themselves. With Fire … Read more

Jenny Dubnau Captures a Momentary Encounter

In a gallery slightly larger than the space occupied by a booth in a fancy restaurant, I was literally surrounded by three larger-than-life-sized heads, each of which was in a different position. But whether seen in profile or head on, all seemed to be acknowledging my presence. The effect was eerie, interesting, and unique to … Read more