Carrie Moyer & Sheila Pepe’s Joint Survey Illuminates Formal Synergies –

“Tabernacles for Trying Times” at the Museum of Arts and Design was a drifting survey of the work of painter Carrie Moyer and sculptor Sheila Pepe, among the most high-profile queer couples in the contemporary art world. Friends since 1995, partners since 1998, and legal spouses since 2015, Moyer and Pepe are well known for … Read more

Carrie Mae Weems Assesses History in Real-Time

“One of the things that I’ve always been deeply interested in,” says Carrie Mae Weems, “is power.” Gifted her first camera in 1973, Weems is revered as one of the most well-known photographers in contemporary art. Many artists have named her as an inspiration; from Mickalene Thomas to LaToya Ruby Frazier few Black image makers, … Read more