Chronicling Contemporary Art in Las Vegas

Ginger Bruner, “Unnatural Landscape No. 10” (2018), from an ongoing series, digital photograph, from the Settlers + Nomads online exhibition Dis/Order (all images courtesy Settlers + Nomads) LAS VEGAS — Here in the desert, I am a “settler.” During my 20 years as an artist in Las Vegas, I’ve seen an incredible amount of creative … Read more

A Chronicling of Contaminated Indigenous Land Around the Globe

SANTA FE — Soon after visiting the group exhibition Exposure: Native Art and Political Ecology at Santa Fe’s Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, I noted the onset of uncomfortable emotions: grief, regret, complicity, and dread. I was surprised, having thought of myself as mostly inured to “difficult” subject matter, shameful as that is to admit. … Read more

How Chronicling Street Art Works Against a Culture of Commodification

In 2013, I will witness a renaissance of street art and graffiti in New York City. To preserve this ephemeral art, I initiated a photography project, leading to a book, Outdoor Gallery: New York City published by Gingko Press. My book included photos of artworks and a unique, priceless compilation of oral history from 46 … Read more