A Series Spotlights NY’s Underground Art and Cinema in the Early 1960s

A still from Breathdeath (1963) by Stan Vanderbeek (photo courtesy Film at Lincoln Center) The 1962 formation of the New American Cinema Group was a pivotal moment in art history. For the first time, United States filmmakers took control over their own work, representing a significant departure from Hollywood’s creative and legal constraints. “We don’t … Read more

A Meta Remake-of-a-Remake Muses on the State of Cinema

In 1996’s Irma VepHong Kong superstar Maggie Cheung journeys to Paris to play the titular role in a film remake of the seminal 1915 French silent serial Les Vampires. The production rapidly goes awry, as director René Vidal can’t muster the creativity he needs to adequately measure up to the original, and Cheung is rapidly … Read more

A New Home for Experimental Cinema in Santa Fe

A screening event at No Name Cinema in Santa Fe in collaboration with Basement Films (courtesy No Name Cinema) SANTA FE — In the hyper-capitalistic world of mainstream filmmaking, there’s not much room for experimental or nonlinear narratives, or for prioritizing access and agency above exclusivity and profit. But that elusive cinematic space has found … Read more

Queer European Cinema Exposes the Realities of Migrant Experience

In the opening scenes of Danish animated documentary Flee (2021), director Jonas Poher Rasmussen asks his subject Amin Nawabi “What is home for you?” His reply is simply “It’s someplace safe, somewhere you can stay and don’t have to move on.” The documentary recounts Nawabi’s ordeal of fleeing war-torn Afghanistan as a boy and ending … Read more