Circle Jerk Takes the Absurdity of Modern Existence to the Extreme

There’s an absurdity to modern existence that’s difficult to articulate. The more you use apps like Twitter, the more the lexicon of the internet becomes part of your real-life vocabulary, while all the inanity of reality is reported about and read on social media. You can call it an ouroboros loop, but it feels a … Read more

Grassroots and Indigenous Environmental Leaders Convene for Land Circle Activation in Philadelphia

This summer, grassroots and indigenous environmental leaders from throughout Lenapehoking will hold three public events for connection, celebration, knowledge-sharing, and healing: a Summer Solstice, a Juneteenth Celebration, and a panel on community land protection and stewardship. These Land Circle Activation events will take place in a pop-up hub space supported by the Climate Justice Initiative … Read more