What Did Cleopatra Smell Like?

A team who used ancient recipes to recreate an ancient Egyptian perfume perhaps worn by Cleopatra is back at it again. This time, they’re turning into chemical analysis to decipher the perfume’s exact ingredients and proportions. In 2012, University of Hawaiʻi (UH) professors Robert Littman and Jay Silverstein uncovered a perfume manufacturing site in Mendes, … Read more

Who was Cleopatra Really?

From a personification of the goddess Isis to a bewigged Elizabeth Taylor, sexy seductress to savvy political operator, Cleopatra VII Philopator reinvented herself, and has been reinvented, time and again. Cleopatra has been embraced, rejected, and redefined by so many different people; The most recent depiction arrives in an upcoming biopic, where she will be … Read more