Art Therapy for a Client with Dissociation Issues

The core definition of dissociation, within a psychological context, refers to the extent to which we disconnect from our consciousness. Dissociation can exist along a spectrum. On one end of the spectrum, the existence of dissociation may represent a client disconnecting from their experiences where they report feeling separated from themselves, their relationships, and their … Read more

Art Therapy for a Client Experiencing a Creative Block

Creative blocks can be experienced by a wide range of professionals (writers, musicians, artists, performers, designers, etc) and hobbyists. For a professional, it can be debilitating if their primary source of income is impacted by a creative block. Outside of professional creatives, having a creative block can also be difficult for anyone who uses creativity … Read more

Art Therapy for a Client with Trust Issues

Trust is a vital component of any secure relationship. ‘Trust issues’ is a colloquial term that stems from a lack of trust present in interpersonal relationships. We all carry a certain amount of distrust as we attempt to navigate uncertain situations with the view of seeking honest and truthful interactions. However, for some people, distrust … Read more

Art Therapy for a Client Displaying Prejudice

Very few clients will attend therapy with a view to overcoming their personal prejudice. Most people don’t believe they are prejudice and instead believe their views are justified based on their experiences. While prejudice may not be the presenting issue, it is an issue that may arise in a session. Most therapists are taught about … Read more

Art Therapy for a Client with a Sleep Disorder

Many people experience an occasional disruption in their sleep from time to time. In most cases, there is a direct reason for the disrupted sleep such as illness, stress, or situational reasons (jet lag). In most cases, these disruptions are short-term and usually resolve themselves. However, for some, sleep disturbances are a regular experience and … Read more