Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month: Contemporary Hispanic Artists Your Students Will Love

From September 15th to October 15th, we celebrate and honor National Hispanic Heritage Month. If you’ve ever wondered why it begins in the middle of the month, it’s because September 15th is the day that several Latin American countries celebrate their independence, with Mexico’s and Chile’s falling shortly after. This is a great time for … Read more

A Show Traces Philip Guston’s Impact on Contemporary Artists

LONDON — A common challenge facing curators of straightforward scholarly exhibitions is the compulsion to prove the influence of artist A on artist or movement B. This often stretches credibility, as select examples are supported by some heavy lifting in the captioning. A Thing for the Mind at commercial gallery Timothy Taylor takes an altogether … Read more

The contemporary artists who are paying their respects to Piranesi

In May 1756 Giovanni Piranesi published Le Antichità Romane in four large folio volumes, each of them opening with a double-page dedication to the Irish Aristocrat James Caulfeild, Viscount Charlemont (he would be made an earl in 1763). Piranesi, who had met Charlemont while the young milord was in Rome some years earlier, evidently entertained … Read more

Chronicling Contemporary Art in Las Vegas

Ginger Bruner, “Unnatural Landscape No. 10” (2018), from an ongoing series, digital photograph, from the Settlers + Nomads online exhibition Dis/Order (all images courtesy Settlers + Nomads) LAS VEGAS — Here in the desert, I am a “settler.” During my 20 years as an artist in Las Vegas, I’ve seen an incredible amount of creative … Read more

Meet Yuta Niwa, Japanese Painter Mixing Traditional and Contemporary Art – ARTnews.com

Painter Yuta Niwa, like many young Japanese artists, incorporates traditional painting techniques and materials into his work, such as Japanese traditional paper, ink, pigments, and Nikawa glue. Niwa deals with disasters such as earthquakes and infectious diseases using giant salamanders and catfishes as motifs. In his graduate thissis project, he depicted the devastation of four … Read more

Olivia Guterson Carries Ancestral Patterns Into Contemporary Art

Not all stories are written with words. Some are encoded in patterns — swirling, squiggly, and zig-zagged lines that have been engraved in stone or woven into cloth for generations in nearly every culture. Olivia Guterson, also known as Midnight Olive, carries these ancient patterning traditions into contemporary art, drawing from her Russian, Ukrainian, Jewish, … Read more

What Does Spiritual Diversity Mean in Contemporary Art?

For decades, United States government officials, media pundits, and art institutions have promoted anti-China propaganda that stokes Sinophobic fears of a communist takeover. Among this country’s charges against China is religious persecution, reflecting the longstanding atheism of the Communist Party. Because of this, President Xi Jinping reportedly developed measures to embrace the faiths that predate … Read more

Contemporary British Portrait Painters 2022 Exhibition in Brixton

This is about the current exhibition by Contemporary British Portrait Painters from the website of Contemporary British Portrait Painters It feels rather odd at this time in June not to be planning to visit the annual competitive exhibition of paintings by contemporary portrait painters at the National Portrait Gallery. But that Gallery has been closed … Read more