Suzanne Lacy Continues the Conversation

When Suzanne Lacy pioneered a radical kind of performance that compounded art and activism in the mid-1970s, political organizing began with phone books — with searching for and cold-calling people and agencies, and talking. Conversation remains Lacy’s primary medium. And her mode remains largely transitive: It is more about making connections than providing content. Laying … Read more

Documenta Controversy Continues as Hito Steyerl Withdraws Work

Hito Steyerl at Future Affairs Berlin 2019 (photo by Dominik Butzmann via Republica GmbH/Flickr) In the latest blow to an exhibition roiled by controversy, artist and filmmaker Hito Steyerl has withdrawn from Documenta 15, citing the organizers’ handling of antisemitism allegations and the ensuing fallout. Steyerl’s announcement came just days after Meron Mendel, head of … Read more

How Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” Continues to Inspire Artists

Criselda Vasquez, “The New American Gothic” (2017), oil on canvas, 72 x 48 inches (courtesy the artist) Ever since it was first displayed at the Art Institute Chicago (AIC) in 1930, Grant Wood’s iconic painting “American Gothic” (1930) has captured the collective imagination. The painting, featuring a pitchfork-bearing farmer and his daughter standing in front … Read more

Rashaad Newsome’s Riveting Artistic Universe Continues to Expand

The spirit of Rashaad Newsome’s visually impressive Assembly installation at the Park Avenue Armory is liberatory. He creates a welcoming entrance space filled with large video projections and audio affirmations that repeat positive messages that are somewhat reminiscent of house music lyrics and their emancipatory promise of love, particularly self-love. Newsome’s maximalist aesthetic is ideally … Read more