Best Scissors for Cutting and Trimming Paper –

Whether you’re a serious paper crafter or a giver of beautifully wrapped gifts, you need a good pair of paper scissors. Whether you’re using it to slice through kraft paper or for precision snipping, this essential tool should have the same basic characteristics: sharp blades, a comfortable grip, and enough strength to reliably accomplish the … Read more

Cutting it fine on film

From the November 2021 issue of Apollo. Preview and subscribe here. Cooking takes time. So when people prepare food on screen, they usually serve up an edited version. Television viewers are spared slow cooking; chopping rarely makes the cut. In videos posted on social media, dishes come together from a bird’s-eye view that shows only … Read more

Best Die Cutting Machines for Creating Complex Designs –

Oh! The allure of die cutting and embossing machines! Versatile and precise, these machines cut intricate designs with ease. Some cutters work with digital files and can precisely cut, and/or emboss your designs within vellum, paper, vinyl, fabric, foils, and more. Galleries rely on these cutters for exhibition wall text created from self-adhesive vinyl. Crafters … Read more