Artist Lee Ufan Opens a Dazzling New Museum in Arles –

Since the late 19th-century when Impressionists, most notably Vincent van Gogh, flocked there, Arles has long fascinated artists and the art world by extension. More recently, cultural spaces have begun to open in this southeastern French city, starting with the Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles in 2010 and more recently collector Maja Hoffmann’s Frank Gehry-designed … Read more

Elaborately Layered Gardens by Ebony G. Patterson Hide Haunting Messages Within Dazzling Displays

And Art #birds #butterflies #fabric #flowers #installation #mixed media #paper March 10, 2022 Grace Ebert “when the land is in plumage…” (2020), glitter, glue, beads, plaster, conch shells, gold leaf, porcelain, paint, trimmings, jewelry, embellishments, fabric, jacquard tapestry, and paraffin wax, 9 x 16. 4 x 10.3 feet. All images courtesy of moniquemeloche, shared with … Read more