Tucked Deep in Rural Utah, an Arts Center Reaches Out to the World 

Most of Utah’s natural and timeless landmarks are valued for the recreation they offer. However, there is a county in Utah where solitude, luscious scenery, and peaceful lifestyle attract the more creatively minded. Perhaps unsuspectingly, Sanpete County —specifically the town of Ephraim — is known for its rich history of traditional artists and, at one … Read more

Painted Paper Dancing Duckling | Deep Space Sparkle

This sweet little dancing duckling is a perfect spring lesson for your little wee ones! Kindergarteners, pre-kindergarteners and even preschoolers will love to build and create their own frolicking duck while practicing their fine motor skills through tracing and cutting. The book Dancing Feet by Lindsay Craig was the inspiration for this lesson. The beautifully … Read more

Top 5 Recycled Materials to Have in Your Art Room Deep Space Sparkle

Art teachers are master innovators. Improvising in a pinch is also one of our many superpowers. Raise your hand if you’re with me on this one. You can make masterpieces from recycled materials that others can’t even dream of and chances are, you’re always ready for the challenge. But despite being able to turn trash … Read more

History Runs Deep: How to Celebrate Artivism and Craftivism

We are probably all familiar with Picasso’s Guernica, which spoke to the horrors of war, or The Guerrilla Girls, whose actions shed light on gender inequalities in the art world. We probably would coin them as known as well as artists since their art is a call for social change. But have you heard of … Read more

Aesthetica Magazine – Journeys in Deep Time

What does the future of UK creativity look like? Each year, The Arts Foundation’s Futures Awards take the temperature of contemporary art and design – celebrating and supporting practitioners who are making waves. this year, Aesthetica was delighted to join the Visual Arts award judging panel. Cornwall-based Libita Sibungu is the 2022 winner of the … Read more