Caribbean Artists Are Making Themselves Seen in Denver 

Lares Feliciano, “QUERER SER” (2020), flat muslin bedsheet, felt letters, digital animation, with mural by Bothe Kretsinger, 81 x 99 inches (all images courtesy the artists) DENVER — For centuries, the people of the Caribbean have found themselves in a precarious position: Do we leave our homes by force, or do we stay on the … Read more

The Activist Spirit of a Denver Artist Residency Program 

DENVER — The place we came from is not the same since we departed, and our home today has already changed since we arrived. Migration changes the migrant, but environments are fluid regardless. Artist and animator Annette Isham’s new project Pangea expands her ongoing investigation of land migration to complicate the nostalgia of place and … Read more

Artists in Denver Invite You to Their Yards, Living Rooms, and Skating Rinks

DENVER — When a tree was removed from Jessica Langley and Ben Kinsley’s apartment courtyard in Ridgewood, Queens, laundry lines were strung up in the space it left behind. “I just wanted to hang laundry,” Kinsley confessed on a call with Hyperallergic, but Langley noticed herself judging a neighbor with four versions of the same … Read more