A Series Spotlights NY’s Underground Art and Cinema in the Early 1960s

A still from Breathdeath (1963) by Stan Vanderbeek (photo courtesy Film at Lincoln Center) The 1962 formation of the New American Cinema Group was a pivotal moment in art history. For the first time, United States filmmakers took control over their own work, representing a significant departure from Hollywood’s creative and legal constraints. “We don’t … Read more

Zineb Sedira’s French Pavilion Emerges as an Early Favorite – ARTnews.com

It’s still too soon to predict a winner for the Golden Lion for best national participation, one of the Venice Biennale’s top awards, but it was clear earlier today that the French Pavilion had attracted significant attention within the exhibition’s first hours. The pavilion is host to a new grouping of installations and a film … Read more

What Can We Learn From Italy’s Early Leftist Modernists?

In the period between Italy’s unification as a nation in 1871 and its entry into World War One in 1915, the country faced enormous problems. Political instability was met with ferocious class struggles and mass emigration. All of this strife led to extreme poverty and socioeconomic inequality. Staging Injustice: Italian Art 1880-1917 at the Center … Read more

Vienna’s Belvedere Museum Highlights Three Early Modernists Who Straddled Europe and Asia

VIENNA — An exhibition centered on three paintings, each by a different artist, could hardly be considered revolutionary at any major museum, such as the Belvedere in Vienna. Yet that is exactly what might be said of Raden Saleh, Osman Hamdi Bey, and Hakob Hovnatanyan: Art of the World in the Belvedere’s Collection. Outstanding as … Read more