Smithsonian Adopts Landmark Policy on Ethical Restitution

A new policy announced last Friday, April 29 by the Smithsonian Institution (SI) gives its constituent museums the authority to return items in their collections that were looted or otherwise acquired under unethical circumstances. The SI is formalizing a policy that was originally recommended by the Ethical Returns Working Group, comprised of Smithsonian curators and … Read more

A New Code of Conduct for Collectors Encourages Ethical Art Collecting –

The art industry generates around $50 billion annually. A global enterprise that spans auctions, fairs, and galleries, it’s conducted worldwide through closed-door transactions, highly controlled limited access, speculative buying, and ill-tracked flipping. Despite the whole trade being predicated on an artist’s ability to produce new work, the artist is often the most vulnerable, underpaid player. … Read more