When it came to art, Hogarth had no real beef with Europe

In 1748, William Hogarth was arrested at Calais on suspicion of spying, after he was caught sketching part of the French fortifications. Once back on English soil, his riposte was a painting. O, the Roast Beef of Old England (The Gate of Calais) shows Calais populated by various national stereotypes: an overfed monk; an underfed … Read more

Archeologists Find Evidence of a “Lost” Continent Linking Europe and Asia

Maps show the “lost” continent, dubbed Balkanatolia, 40 million years ago and today. (all images courtesy Alexis Licht and Grégoire Métais) In the period known as the Eocene, 55 to 34 million years ago, the European and Asian continents existed as distinct land masses with their own unique mammal families, among them rodents, ungulates, and … Read more

Vienna’s Belvedere Museum Highlights Three Early Modernists Who Straddled Europe and Asia

VIENNA — An exhibition centered on three paintings, each by a different artist, could hardly be considered revolutionary at any major museum, such as the Belvedere in Vienna. Yet that is exactly what might be said of Raden Saleh, Osman Hamdi Bey, and Hakob Hovnatanyan: Art of the World in the Belvedere’s Collection. Outstanding as … Read more