Shirley Tse’s Ecology of the Everyday

LOS ANGELES — The Hong Kong-born, California-based artist Shirley Tse left her Los Angeles home behind for the coastal town of Lompoc, California, during the course of the pandemic. The artist’s personal experiences are inextricable from her artwork: Each piece in Lompoc Stories, her solo exhibition at Shoshana Wayne Gallery, is priced at $3,360, a … Read more

Claes Oldenburg, Whose Sculptures Transformed the Everyday, Dies at 93

Claes Oldenburg, best known for his large, playful works of everyday objects — from a clothespin and a flashlight to a baseball bat and a fried egg — died on the morning of Monday, July 18 at his home in Manhattan, where he was recovering from a hip injury last month. He was 93. The … Read more

‘Extraordinary Portraits’ of everyday heroes

ANOTHER new program about making art – starts next month! Title: Extraordinary Portraits Focus: Portraiture – with a twist! Members of the public with “extraordinary stories” are matched with a selection of celebrated portrait artists who will then capture their likeness. Channel: BBC1 Number of episodes: a six-part series (see below for details) Start Date: … Read more