Amid a National Crisis, Sri Lankan Artists Reflect on the Future –

In the four months leading up to July 9 toppling of Sri Lanka’s former president Gotabaya Rajapaksa, a protest village formed in Colombo, occupying the capital city’s oceanside park Galle Face Green. Called Gota Go Gama (GGG), a mashup of Sinhala and English words meaning “Gotabaya Go Village,” it became the main gathering site for … Read more

The uncertain future of glassblowing

On a sweltering day in July, the glassblowing island of Murano is astir. The furnaces are roaring and glass workers are manipulating glowing globules into sinuous vases and delicate sculptures. With visitors filling the factory showrooms, the dark days brought by the pandemic would seem to be over, but Murano’s centuries-old glassmaking tradition is facing … Read more

How David Cronenberg’s ‘Crimes of the Future’ Draws on Body Art –

Early on in Crimes of the Future, filmmaker David Cronenberg’s newly released big return to body horror, a man named Saul Tenser (Viggo Mortensen) has his chest opened up for a rapt audience. A machine with fast-moving scalpels pulls apart his stomach and reveals his innards to the crowd. Meanwhile, his partner Caprice (Léa Seydoux) … Read more

What Is Dubai’s Museum of the Future? –

In one of the galleries in Dubai’s recently opened Museum of Future, near the beginning of its futuristic displays, flickers in lavender-green neon the ancient Chinese proverb, written in three languages, Arabic, English, and Mandarin: “The ancestors plant the trees / the descendants enjoy the shade.” The writing on the wall is literally and figuratively … Read more

“Art for the Future” Gauges Potential of Artist-Led Political Efforts –

Greg Sholette’s Insurrection (1984/2021) involves a short text repeatedly silkscreened on four adjacent panels that remain half-concealed under a lush thicket of synthetic flora native to Latin America. The phrase is from an 1858 treatise by archaeologist and onetime United States chargé d’affaires in Central America EG Squier, who promoted the white supremacist ideology of … Read more

Why Licensing Matters to the Future of Art Therapy as a Profession

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn April 21, 2022 | Margaret Carlock-Russo, Ed.D., LCAT(NY), ATR-BC, ATCS, Past President, American Art Therapy Association For a long while, even before art therapists first became licensed anywhere in the US, art therapists have been debating the value of professional licensure. Many of us who have been professionals in the field for … Read more

Amid the War on Ukraine, Artists React to an Uncertain Future –

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine intensifies, with the latter’s capital Kyiv now under siege, Ukrainian artists, both at home and abroad, face an uncertain future. The situation in Ukraine has the potential to disrupt the country’s participation at the Venice Biennale, the world’s biggest art exhibition, which is set to open in April. This week, … Read more

Crafting a Future Is a Clarion Call to Support Indigenous Arts

Indian fabrics have been an enduring thread running through the tapestry of world history since ancient times. From Alexander the Great’s soldiers, who fell in love with Indian cotton clothing, to the significance of cotton and indigo to Roman trade routes throughout the Mediterranean, textiles have served as a timeless ambassador for India’s rich and … Read more

MOZAIK Philanthropy Launches 2nd Future Art Writers Award

Posted inSponsored Up to six US art writers will receive $2,000 grants to develop an essay, review, or feature of the art foundation’s virtual exhibition Ecosystem X. Artist credit: Juan Carlos Hidalgo, UN Climate Change Conference COP25, Madrid, Spain Applications are open for the Future Art Writers Award offered by the national arts foundation MOZAIK … Read more

In Honor of Black History Month: Centering Black Aesthetics in Art Therapy Past, Present & Future

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn February 10, 2022 | Deanna Barton, MA, ATR-BC & Zachary D. Van Den Berg, MA, ATR-P, LPC-Associate In February, we celebrate Black History Month by honoring the labors and contributions of Black art therapists towards their clients, the profession at large, and the world. Let us use this month of national recognition … Read more