Woomin Kim Quilts the Nomadic Side of Global Capitalism

The English translation of the Korean word Shi Jang is “market.” The markets in Korea are the inspiration for Woomin Kim’s ongoing series, collectively titled Shijang Project. Kim stated in 2021: “This is the place that I used to go all the time growing up. And whenever I visit Korea, it’s one of the first … Read more

“Slip Zone” Highlights Global Connections in Postwar Abstraction – ARTnews.com

In the exhibition “Slip Zone: A New Look at Postwar Abstraction in the Americas and East Asia” at the Dallas Museum of Art, Jackson Pollock’s 1947 painting Cathedral hangs near a photograph documenting Gutai artist Kazuo Shiraga painting with his feet at the “2nd Gutai Art Exhibition” in Tokyo in October 1956. Standing shirtless with … Read more

Phil Peters Bottles the Soundscape of the Global Supply Chain

Phil Peters, “The Port of Long Beach Recordings” Schematics Installation (2022), drafting vellum, drafting film, yellow trace, ink, graphite, marker, colored pencil, and tape (photo by Paul Salveson, courtesy Canary Test) LOS ANGELES — The room is dark. The walls shake. Before my eyes can adjust, I hear overbearing, mechanical rumblings emanating from two speakers. … Read more

In Sign of Booming Art Market, Top Advisory Firms Form Global Alliance – ARTnews.com

As the art market heats up ahead of the May auctions, two top advisory firms today announced a new global alliance. The Fine Art Fund, the 20-year-old London-based investment and advisory firm, and Schwartzman&, a multifaceted advisory business started two years ago by veteran art advisor Allan Schwartzman, will work together on multiple aspects of … Read more

Aesthetica Magazine – Global Creativity

We are making more photos than ever before, with 2022’s global total to reach an estimated 1.5 trillion images taken worldwide. Smartphones in particular have allowed a greater number of people to access the medium – sharing quick snaps, selfies, fine art and documentary shots online via apps like Instagram. Each year, Sony World Photography … Read more

Aesthetica Magazine – Global Influence

Surrealism was a movement which tore down boundaries. Originating in the late 1910s and early 1920s, it subverted western ideals of beauty, rationality and order—encouraging artists and writers to channel their unconscious. Yet it was also steeped in problematic notions of “untutored creativity”: outdated ideas once associated with femininity and global indigenous cultures. Its most … Read more