Vandals Graffiti Documenta Exhibition Space of Palestinian Artist Group

On the morning of Saturday, May 28, vandalism was discovered in the exhibition space of Documenta 15, the quinquennial contemporary art show based in Kassel, Germany, that officially opens mid-June. Graffitied on walls and doors were several instances of the word “Peralta” and the number “187.” An anonymous statement that first appeared on Facebook suggests … Read more

Rubén Aguirre Expands The Potential of Graffiti in New Solo Show –

It would be a bit facetious to call Rubén Aguirre, the maker of sprawling abstract murals, a graffiti artist. It may be where he got his start, but as a new exhibition, on view at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago through July 24th, shows that was just the beginning. After first encountering … Read more

3 Ways to Grow Community Connections Through Graffiti in the Art Room

Note: Be sure to browse each artist’s website and work before deciding what is appropriate to show and discuss with your students. Adhere to your district’s guidelines and consider your students’ age levels. Graffiti as an art form has often been shrouded in controversy and debate. Is it really “art,” or is it just vandalism? … Read more