6 Indispensable Guides to Succeeding As an Artist – ARTnews.com

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, ARTNews may receive an affiliate commission. Once, a question like “How do I become an artist?” was simple to answer: You didn’t “become” an artist; either you were one or you weren’t. Either you were someone who’d starve for your … Read more

David Attenborough Guides Us to the Time of the Dinosaurs

Dinosaur documents have come a long way since the box set of the Walter-Cronkite-hosted series that I grew up watching. Extinct fauna, especially dinosaurs, hold an interesting place in the public imagination. They are among the most entertainment-friendly scientific/historical subjects, and since paleontologists learn new things about them all the time, our understanding and imaging … Read more

Mexican Activists Swap Museum Audio Guides to Demand Repatriation of Ancient Headdress

Over the course of January, two Mexican sur aided by local youth brought around 50 of their own audio guides into the Weltmuseum in Vienna — completely unbeknownst to the museum. The guides were indistinguishable from the official ones proffered by the institution, with one notable exception: They called for the repatriation of quetzalāpanecayōtl, an … Read more