Massive Head of Hercules Pulled From Historic Shipwreck

An archaeologist assesses the possible Hercules head. (photo by Nikos Giannoulakis, courtesy the Return to Antikythera Project) On Monday, marine archaeologists and researchers at the site of the famous Antikythera shipwreck announced the discovery of a number of ancient artifacts recovered from the seafloor. These included a colossal marble head of a statue, a marble … Read more

Deconstructing the Masculinity of Hercules

LOS ANGELES — Of all the mythic Greek figures, Hercules is perhaps the epitome of popularized masculinity: He muscles his way through every challenge and nothing can stop him except, of course, a faithless woman (she poisons his tunic). This hero embodies many of the problematic male aspirations and anxieties that continue to plague us … Read more