“NRA Children’s Museum” Visits Ted Cruz’s House to Protest Gun Violence

A mile-long convoy of 52 yellow school buses paid a visit to Republican Senator Ted Cruz in Houston, Texas, last week. Two years ago, the buses’ 4,368 seats could have been filled with kids on their way to school, but on July 14, they arrived empty at Cruz’s home and office, each eerily vacant seat … Read more

Iron Age Rock Art Discovered Beneath Turkish House – ARTnews.com

Archaeologists have discovered rare rock art in an Iron Age subterranean complex, located underneath a house in Başbük, Turkey. The finding, reported Wednesday in the journal Antiquitydepicts a divine processional with eight deities across a 13-foot rock wall panel using a mix of cultural influences from the vast Assyrian Empire and local Syro-Anatolian deities. The … Read more

Last Chance to See Mildred Howard’s Glass House in Battery Park City

Posted inSponsored This public work about home and migration closes on April 16 with a celebration featuring an artist talk and performances by poet Quincy Troupe and saxophonist David Murray. Installation view of Mildred Howard’s “The House That Will Not Pass For Any Color Than Its Own,” 2021 (image courtesy Will Dintenfass Photography) Closing this … Read more

Bastion House – the passing of a London landmark

From the April 2022 issue of Apollo. Preview and subscribe here. Bastion House is aptly named. Looming over London Wall, it has a monolithic grandeur, every inch the imperious, modern office building. At 17 storeys high, it would be a mere stripling in Manhattan, but with its crisp, curtain-walled exterior, it still exudes midtown panache, … Read more

Kalup Linzy Bought a House and He’s Sharing it with Artists

TULSA, OK — The famously well-connected artist Kalup Linzy bought a house with the help of Tulsa Artist Fellowship and turned it into a residency. Queen Rose Art House hosts its first resident in April: Keioui Keijaun Thomas, a Brooklyn-based performance artist who explores “blackness outside of a codependent, binary structure of existence.” Thomas, like … Read more

Mysterious Illustrator Remembered in New Poster House Show – ARTnews.com

By the standards of her day, Ethel Reed was an impractical woman. Born in 1874, she wished to live independently, supporting herself with her art. Worse, she wanted to have sex with whom she wanted, when she wanted. Against all odds, she managed to live as she wished, becoming a nationally known illustrator with lovers … Read more