Nancy Pelosi Concludes Trip to Taiwan at National Human Rights Museum –

US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi concluded her controversial visit to Taiwan by going to the National Human Rights Museum in Taipei, where she met with prominent human rights advocates who were once persecuted by China. After weeks of intense buildup, Pelosi’s trip lasted less than one day, but it has already inflamed tensions … Read more

Artists Urge Biden to Raise Human Rights Concerns to Saudi Arabia  –

44 prominent artists, writers, and journalists have signed a letter urging President Joe Biden to address Saudi Arabia’s human rights record, especially alleged abuses concerning freedom of expression, during his visit to the country later this month. Among the signatories are visual artist Kiki Smith, photographer Alec Soth, and writer Lydia Davis. “Saudi Arabia jails … Read more

Kathleen Henderson’s Urgent Drawings Capture Human Folly at Track 16 –

Kathleen Henderson draws in oil stick, applying medium to paper with a degree of pressure that conveys more than mere tonal emphasis. Her line is dense, agitated, driven by dismay and biting, desperate humor. Henderson has been drawing her way through nearly 30 years of exasperation at this country’s political corruption, military operations, environmental degradation, … Read more

Reuben Kadish’s Enduring Portraits of Human Anguish

Larger-than-life terracotta heads form an operatic visual finale in Eric Firestone Gallery’s exhibition Reuben Kadish: Earth Mothers. An amalgam of human beings and some strange subspecies, these crenellated heads, which look as if they were built from jagged scree, radiate a silent nobility. Frozen in semi-repose or grim rumination, or perhaps caught in death throes, … Read more

Cuban Dissident Artists Face Trial Next Week, Human Rights Groups Say –

Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, a Cuban dissident artist, is set to stand trial in a Cuban court at the end of the month, human rights groups announced on social media today. Otero Alcántara, a visual artist and member of the San Isidro Movement, a collective of artists and dissidents fighting censorship in Cuba, was arrested … Read more

Aesthetica Magazine – Human Stories:The April/May Issue

This issue is all about human stories, and how we must never give up in the face of adversity. Our collective narrative is one of resilience. Jump in to our preview of Aesthetica‘s latest print magazine: Somewhat Otherworldly | Jan Pringel’s Plants from Space series showcases flowers as if they were priceless exhibits: curious oddities … Read more

How Artists Have Explored and Understood the Human Body Through Time

LOS ANGELES — Leonardo da Vinci once explained how important it was for the artists to understand anatomy. Some poorly drawn bodies, he wrote, “seem a sack full of nuts rather than the surface of a human being.” happy, Flesh and Bones: The Art of Anatomy At the Getty Research Institute has selected the more … Read more

500 Years of Drawing the Human Body

OG Abel (Abel Izaguirre), “Love & Hate” (August 19, 2012), graphite on paper in LA Liber Amicorum / Graffiti Black Book (Los Angeles, 2012), Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles. Gift of Ed and Brandy Sweeney. (© OG Abel, all images courtesy Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles unless otherwise stated) Before Andreas Vesalius published his landmark … Read more