5 Innovative Sculpture Ideas for Art Rooms that Lack Storage Space

Sculpture, and three-dimensional art in general, can be a fantastic art form for students to explore. This type of art-making has been around for thousands of years. In fact, some of these three-dimensional artworks are the oldest artifacts that have stood the test of time. Venus of Willendorf, Moai of Easter Islandand The Great Sphinx … Read more

18 Helpful Fine Motor Ideas and 4 Ways to Reinforce Quality Craftsmanship in Art

Home / 18 Helpful Fine Motor Ideas and 4 Ways to Reinforce Quality Craftsmanship in Art Have you ever tried to better craftsmanship only to have students tell you they like their work the way it is? While there is validity to developing one’s style, young learners also need to understand how to present their … Read more

6 Skills Art Teachers Gained This Past Year and 14 Ideas to Try

The pandemic has taken educators on a wild ride since the spring of the 2019–2020 school year. Distance learning was hard on art teachers and classes who thrive with hands-on, messy work. We suddenly had to figure out a web-based way to deliver instruction without adequate preparation. Then came the challenge of nurturing relationships and … Read more

15 Fun One-Day Elementary Art Lesson Ideas

We have all been there, standing in the art room, wondering, “What do I do with my students today that will only take today?” In addition, there is the desire for authentic learning and creativity, making the planning process seem very overwhelming. In the elementary art room, the schedule can be rather unpredictable, to say … Read more

Bring Nature Into Your Art Room With These 5 Project Ideas

Nature is endlessly inspirational. Historically, artists have made many artworks based on an investigation and observation of nature. Interestingly, it’s not just artists who are captivated by it. There is a reason why landscapes and botanical illustrations are so popular—just look at Bob Ross! Many of us have come across site-specific work, like Andy Goldsworthy … Read more

10 Creative and Fun Ideas to Fuel Your Artistic Soul

This school year has been more challenging than ever. We have seen how, despite the challenges, art teachers continue to put in the hard work and dedication to help young artists grow. We appreciate YOU! In January, we hosted the Art Teacher Appreciation Giveaway to show our appreciation and encourage you to keep creating. We … Read more

4 Proactive Ideas for Displaying Student Art and Inviting Community Connection

Home / 4 Proactive Ideas for Displaying Student Art and Inviting Community Connection The spring or end-of-year art show is often a big deal for art teachers. While it is convenient to host these events at your school, have you ever considered an alternative site for exhibiting work? Displaying student work outside of your school … Read more

Use Installation Art to Build Community With These Fun Ideas

Installation art is exciting and thought-provoking and can seem quite complicated for the art room. However, a focus on artmaking experiences that use multiples is an invitation for everyone in the class to participate. Students can work on different pieces that combine to form a final installation. Learning extends beyond the art room walls when … Read more