A Show Traces Philip Guston’s Impact on Contemporary Artists

LONDON — A common challenge facing curators of straightforward scholarly exhibitions is the compulsion to prove the influence of artist A on artist or movement B. This often stretches credibility, as select examples are supported by some heavy lifting in the captioning. A Thing for the Mind at commercial gallery Timothy Taylor takes an altogether … Read more

3 Ways to Make an Impact in the Art Room With Resident Artists

Art teachers are like creative superheroes. From mastering blind contour drawings to effortlessly throwing a bowl on the pottery wheel, we can do it all, and we can do it in front of an audience. Your skills range to address the wide variety of classes and projects that fall under your curriculum. So what happens … Read more

L.A. Dealers Discuss Frieze’s Impact on the City’s Art Market – ARTnews.com

When Frieze announced in 2018 that it would launch a new art fair in Los Angeles the following year, the excitement was tinged with a whiff of skepticism. Could a major international art fair make a home in a city as unruly, as mercurial, as sprawling as Los Angeles? at the time, Artnet News columnist … Read more