Who Was Kawanabe Kyosai, and Why Was His Artwork Important? – ARTnews.com

When it comes to Japanese printmaking of the 19th century, Hiroshige and Hokusai have tended to dominate the conversation. But a third figure, Kawanabe Kyōsai, has begun to enter the public view outside Japan, thanks in part to a recently closed survey at London’s Royal Academy of Arts. Notorious during his lifetime both for his … Read more

What Is The Art Exhibition Documenta , and Why Is It Important? – ARTnews.com

Earlier this week, the international art world once again descended on Kassel, Germany, for this year’s edition of Documenta, a recurring art exhibition that holds significant influence for artists, curators, dealers, critics, and more. Curated by the Indonesian collective ruangrupa, the offerings are set to be offbeat and experimental, and what exactly the exhibition holds … Read more

Important Kiowa Murals Tell the Story of a People

Like many tribes, the Kiowa tribe developed a unique system to preserve their culture. Through elder observations and intent to pass historical and cultural knowledge to their generations to come, the uses of tribal language, object significance, and observance of art practice for the Kiowa provide education through visual means. The mission of the Kiowa … Read more

Who is Henri Matisse? Why is His Art Work Important? – ARTnews.com

Ripe fruit, luxurious fabrics, comely women, a window with a view of an ultramarine sea: the world of Henri Matisse is one of pleasures. Along with fellow modernist Pablo Picasso, he is one of the giants of the 20th-century Avant-garde, a perennial subject of blockbuster exhibitions whose cut-paper figures are among the most famous images … Read more

Prehistoric Drum Found in Child’s Grave Dubbed “Most Important” Finding in a Century

Burton Agnes chalk drum, chalk ball and bone pin. 3005–2890 BC (courtesy the British Museum) The British Museum’s got the beat, with last week’s exciting announcement of a revelatory discovery on a country estate near the village of Burton Agnes in East Yorkshire. The 5,000-year-old chalk sculpture is also described as a drum, unearthed during … Read more