Aesthetica Magazine – Visualising the Impossible

Katie Paterson’s (b. 1981) new exhibition, Requiem, at Edinburgh’s Ingleby Gallery, includes amongst its source materials the dust of ground-up microplastic from the world’s deepest ocean. The Mariana Trench, in the Western Pacific, lies 12 kilometers beneath the sea surface, with the nearest islands mostly uninhabited. As Paleobiologist Jan Zalasiewicz writes in a broadsheet accompanying … Read more

Photography’s Impossible Attempt at Freezing Time

SAN FRANCISCO — In order to experience the passage of time, we must freeze it in place. This is the subtle paradox at the heart of Considered Interactions, a group show of black-and-white photography at Casemore Kirkeby in San Francisco. The five artists included employ a range of tactics to activate space and time within … Read more

The Sheer Vastness of Information Makes Keeping Accurate Historical Records Impossible

Judith Schalansky, An Inventory of LossesNew Directions, 2021 (image courtesy New Directions) There is the stuff of the past: objects, images, memories, places, writings, ruins, bones. And then there is what we do with it: sort it into archives, museums, libraries, websites; burn it, hide it away, share it or die with it, make a … Read more