Indigenous Groups in Canada Call on the Vatican to Return Their Cultural Belongings

The Anima Mundi Museum at the Vatican in Rome (via Wikimedia) First Nations and Indigenous leaders are calling for Indigenous works held at the Vatican to be repatriated ahead of Pope Francis’s July 24 trip to Canada. Many of the tens of thousands of objects arrived in Rome for the Church’s vast 1925 Pontifical Missionary … Read more

Grassroots and Indigenous Environmental Leaders Convene for Land Circle Activation in Philadelphia

This summer, grassroots and indigenous environmental leaders from throughout Lenapehoking will hold three public events for connection, celebration, knowledge-sharing, and healing: a Summer Solstice, a Juneteenth Celebration, and a panel on community land protection and stewardship. These Land Circle Activation events will take place in a pop-up hub space supported by the Climate Justice Initiative … Read more

Powerful Visions of Reclaimed Narratives by Indigenous Artists

PORTLAND, Oregon — Outside a fourth-floor window in the Portland Museum of Art, rain-darkened tree branches dotted with crows make a latticed silhouette against a mottled gray sky. In bright contrast, a 22-foot mural illuminates a room of the modern and contemporary art wing, alive with its own light and vivid planes of saturated color: … Read more

World Press Photo Awards Highlight Indigenous Communities and Climate Disaster

The winners of the 2022 World Press Photo Award were announced last week. Started in 1955, the contest recognizes the work of professional photographers for publications. The four global winners were selected from a group of 24 regional awardees announced in March, narrowed down from a pool of 64,823 photographs submitted by 4,066 photographers across … Read more

Venice’s Sámi Pavilion Is a Coup for Indigenous Artists

SÁPMI, Norway, Sweden, and Finland — Sámi artist Pauliina Feodoroff says that “to be Indigenous is to be site-specific.” For centuries, colonial governments have deliberately represented the site-specific Indigenous landscapes of the European Arctic as empty wildernesses. In reality, these are the ancestral lands of the Sámi people. Far from empty, they are ecologically diverse … Read more

Seeking Better Ways for the Art Community to Collaborate with Indigenous Communities

Five years ago, I began work on “Position Vector Salton Sea,” (2017-ongoing) a site-specific art installation created in partnership with the Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indian (TMDCI) tribal government. Developed through community-led workshops and a youth internship program, the project reflects upon the rapid disappearance of the Salton Sea from the tribe’s lands in Southern … Read more

A Chronicling of Contaminated Indigenous Land Around the Globe

SANTA FE — Soon after visiting the group exhibition Exposure: Native Art and Political Ecology at Santa Fe’s Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, I noted the onset of uncomfortable emotions: grief, regret, complicity, and dread. I was surprised, having thought of myself as mostly inured to “difficult” subject matter, shameful as that is to admit. … Read more

Indigenous Resilience and Futurism in The Hamptons

SOUTHAMPTON, NY — Long before the dawn of the 21st century, Indigenous artists in what is currently known as the Americas had been envisioning our collective future. Wampanoag stories predict the return of a monumental figure named Moshop, who provided sustenance for their people and disappeared after promising to return when needed. In 2016, the … Read more

Mellon Foundation Awards $1.5M Grant to Document Indigenous Enslavement

A photograph of Albino Silva, born circa 1859 in New Mexico and believed to be a Jicarilla Apache, from the Rio Grande County Museum. The image is shown transposed with a 1790 census of Taos designed by Juan R. Rios and found in the New Mexico State Archives. (via the School of Advanced Research) The … Read more

Crafting a Future Is a Clarion Call to Support Indigenous Arts

Indian fabrics have been an enduring thread running through the tapestry of world history since ancient times. From Alexander the Great’s soldiers, who fell in love with Indian cotton clothing, to the significance of cotton and indigo to Roman trade routes throughout the Mediterranean, textiles have served as a timeless ambassador for India’s rich and … Read more