Hélio Oiticica’s Central Park Installation Comes to Socrates Sculpture – ARTnews.com

When he arrived in New York in the early 1970s, the late Brazilian artist Hélio Oiticica dreamed of creating a large-scale outdoor public installation for the city. Sitting outside a traditional arts institution, the work was meant to challenge what art could be by creating a space that would actively engage the public by inviting … Read more

Mimi Park’s Installation at Lubov is an Exercise in Growth and Repair – ARTnews.com

A fuzzy green carpet of radish sprouts covers large expanses of the gallery floor in Mimi Park’s exhibition “Dawning: dust, seeds, Coplees,” at Lubov in New York. Planted as seeds in recycled paper during the show’s installation in February, the sprouts appear lush in some places and bedraggled in others. The seedlings’ pulpy white substrate … Read more

Use Installation Art to Build Community With These Fun Ideas

Installation art is exciting and thought-provoking and can seem quite complicated for the art room. However, a focus on artmaking experiences that use multiples is an invitation for everyone in the class to participate. Students can work on different pieces that combine to form a final installation. Learning extends beyond the art room walls when … Read more