Artist Barbara Bloom and Writer Ben Lerner Interview About ‘Gold Custody’ –

The relationship between writers and artists tends to be a one-way street. Artists make, writers critique. But in Gold Custodya new book by artist Barbara Bloom and poet/novelist Ben Lerner, response and creation is a simultaneous, collaborative process. Gold Custody is slight; it’s no gargantuan coffee table book, but it’s no slim novel either. It … Read more

How to Interview and Develop Meaningful Work With a High School Intern

Do you remember taking on an internship while in high school? Pre-college internships are growing in popularity, which is excellent news for the art classroom! An art room internship provides students with creative leadership opportunities, practical experience, and, often, academic credit. Kaleb Rashad, the interim CEO of High Tech High Schools in San Diego, CA, … Read more

Actor, Artist,and Activist Chella Man Interview On PURE JOY art show –

Chella Man wears many hats. At only 23, the Deaf trans phenom has enjoyed impressive careers as a YouTuber, artist, activist, and actor (he’s best known for his role as Jericho, a mute superhero in the DC Universe series Titans), and now, curator. This summer, 1969 Gallery in TriBeCa is hosting Man’s curatorial debut, a … Read more

Marina Abramović Interview On Launch Of First NFT –

World-renowned performance artist Marina Abramović is launching her first ever NFT later this week, of “The Hero” (2001), one of her most personal performance pieces. In the original piece, Abramović sat astride a white steed, bearing a white flag waving gracefully in the wind, set against an expansive landscape of trees and sky in Spain. … Read more

An interview with Raine Storey

The Canadian artist Raine Storey composes humorous and intriguing visual stories that reimagine everyday scenarios and personal memories through fragmented, hyperreal imagery, bright, gestural brushstrokes and large areas of white space. Her work is currently on display as part of the group show ‘Behind the Canvas’ at The ARX gallery until 28 June; she is … Read more

Japanese artist Mari Katayama Interview –

34-year-old Japanese artist Mari Katayama whose legs were amputated at age 9 due to a congenital limb disease, is known for creating a variety of works, from hand-sewn objects that mimic her own body to meticulously staged self-portraits that use prosthetic legs that she actually uses herself. When shooting self-portraits, she uses a remote control … Read more

An interview with Simone Rocha

In 2010, fashion designer Simone Rocha showed her graduate collection at Tate Modern. Fresh from Central Saint Martins and under the sage tutelage of the late Louise Wilson, Rocha quickly developed a reputation not only for clothes that were seen as dreamy and romantic, but also for her fashion shows that were in close dialogue … Read more

‘Jazz to me is like oxygen’ – an interview with Sam Nhlengethwa

Sam Nhlengethwa has been making paintings and collages since the 1970s. Born in 1955 in Payneville, a mining town east of Johannesburg, the artist studied at the Mofolo Art Center in Soweto, and later at the Johannesburg Art Foundation under its founder Bill Ainslie; along with the painters David Koloane and Kagiso Patrick Mautloa, Nhlengethwa … Read more

An interview with Aaron Kudi

Born in Nigeria, Aaron Kudi grew up in the UK, in London and Devon, and turned to fine art after studying psychology. His sculptures bring found objects together – ranging from the familiar (furniture; mannequins) to satellite dishes and deer antlers – in unlikely juxtapositions, as a means of drawing attention to disparities of class. … Read more