For Keeping Your Hand In, Here are the Best Sketching Sets –

Sketching is the most basic of any artist’s skill set. A good sketching set is essential for any artist, designer, or architect looking to maintain a drawing practice. Pencil sets are a portable, versatile must-have for the pro on the go. Whether you’re sketching en plein air, drafting a formal canvas, or brushing up on … Read more

The Sheer Vastness of Information Makes Keeping Accurate Historical Records Impossible

Judith Schalansky, An Inventory of LossesNew Directions, 2021 (image courtesy New Directions) There is the stuff of the past: objects, images, memories, places, writings, ruins, bones. And then there is what we do with it: sort it into archives, museums, libraries, websites; burn it, hide it away, share it or die with it, make a … Read more