fields harrington and Katherine McKittrick on Liberation & Reinvention –

fields harrington llustration by Justine Lecouffe “Black people have always used interdisciplinary methodologies to explain, explore, and story the world,” writes Katherine McKittrick in her 2021 book, Dear Science and Other Stories. A professor of gender studies at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada, McKittrick details how various Black creatives have invented ways of living and … Read more

An Artist Shifts the Focus of a Folktale from Guilt to Liberation

Across Azza Sultan’s Batu Belah, Batu Bertangkup: The Devouring Rock At Trotter & Sholer, bright patterns flower from canvases featuring the silhouettes of two women, their faces replaced by petals and their hair covered with batik fabric from Southeast Asia. Sultan’s latest exhibition explores a classic Malaysian folktale of the same title, which warns children … Read more