The Fascinating Things People Leave Behind in Library Books

Librarian Sharon McKellar of California’s Oakland Public Library has been collecting personal objects she finds in returned books — an assortment of make-shift bookmarks ranging from paper scraps to photographs, doodles, and letters. In 2013, she decided to publish scans of these items on the library’s website and sent a memo to other librarians to … Read more

India’s Traveling Library Is Bringing Rare Photobooks To The Masses –

Each Saturday this February, Delhi’s art enthusiasts made the most of northern India’s short-lived spring season by visiting Sunder Nursery, a restored 16th century heritage park and arboretum. There among UNESCO World Heritage sites and over 300 types of trees was a different kind of repository – a trunk of rare and beautiful photobooks painstakingly … Read more

Gold at the British Library

From the July/August 2022 issue of Apollo. Preview and subscribe here. Around 735 AD, the Christian missionary Boniface wrote to the scribe Eadburga, abbess of Wimborne in Dorset. He asked her to make a copy, in gold, of the Petrine Epistles, to ‘impress honor and reverence for the Sacred Scriptures visibly upon the carnally minded … Read more

An Exquisite Riddle Book and Thousands of Works By Black Artists At the Met Library

On one of the small displays scattered around the Watson Library on the ground floor sits a quaint and labyrinthine recent acquisition: Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.’s “Riddle ma riddle as I suppose” (2002). Unfurled haphazardly, some pages lying flat on the display and others erected vertically, the light blue pages are watermarked with multicolored translucent … Read more